About Us

Have you ever wanted to go back to a time where people cared about each other, knew what was happening in each others’ lives and supported each other through life’s difficulties?

That’s B’nai Torah. And we are opening the door to you today.

Inclusivity:   We are include and welcome people who are traditional and heretical, straight and gay, Jews and non-Jewish friends and family members, __________________ [other examples].

“Big Tent” – We keep trying to find a label that fits us… some members are Reform, some Conservative, some defy any denomination. We accept Jews from across the spectrum, and warmly welcome non-Jewish spouses and family, as well as those exploring our tradition.

Pluralism: Judaism speaks in so many ways — different ways to different people, and we want to help each person find what speaks to him or her individually. It includes study, questioning, our people’s and personal history, ____________, [cultural], and of course prayer.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.